6 passenger taxi van

Our most popular service! Perfect for individual travelers, medium sized groups (6 passengers or less.)

541-961-6732 | A+ Taxis, Tours & Shuttles

11 passenger transit van

Great for groups big or small (up to 11 passengers) our non-stop shuttle is a direct ride to your destination.

541-961-6732 | A+ Taxis, Tours & Shuttles

Oregon Coast Taxi & Transportation

Oregon roads can be busy, and trying to find a ride can be overwhelming. Use our Taxi & Transportation to schedule your ride in advance and have the peace of mind that your ride is guaranteed! We have transportation options for all travelers – whether traveling alone or in a group, and can fit all of your luggage, too!

Services we offer:

  • Taxi & Transportation serving the Oregon Coast
  • Non-stop service (Pickup to drop off, no stops)
  • Rides on-the-go. We are available 24/7
  • Book our shuttle service for events & tours
  • Rides to PDX airport available
  • For fun, business, errands or emergencies
  • Perfect for business or solo travelers
  • Can accommodate small, medium & large groups
  • 6 passenger van for individuals or smaller groups
  • 11 passenger van for shuttles or large groups

Once you’re in Oregon, enjoy the sights with us! Use our service to get anywhere – the airport, restaurants, casinos, landmarks, attractions, shopping, & more!

Please note: 24 hour advance reservations are strongly encouraged for all appointments, meetings, rides to and from work, restaurant reservations, etc. otherwise it is a first call first served basis.


book your next ride with A+ Taxis, Tours & Shuttles:

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